Who Wants This $100?

"To demonstrate the power of taking action at his seminars, Jack Canfield holds up a $100 bill and asks, "Who wants this $100 bill?" Invariably, most of the people in the audience will raise their hands. Some will wave their hands vigorously back and forth; some will even shout out "I want it" or "I'll take it" or "Give it to me." But he just stands there calmly holding out the bill until they get it. Eventually, someone jumps out of her seat, rushes to the front of the room, and takes the bill from his hand.

After the person sits down -- now $100 richer for her efforts - he asks the audience, "What did this person do that no one else in the room did? She got off her butt and took action. She did what was necessary to get the money. And that is exactly what you must do if you want to succeed in life. You must take action, and in most cases, the sooner the better." He then asks "How many of you thought about getting up and just coming and taking the money but stopped yourselves?"

He then asks them to remember what they told themselves that stopped them from getting up.

The usual answers:

"I didnt want to look like I wanted or needed it that badly."
"I wasn't sure if you would really give it to me."
"I was too far back in the room."
"Other people need it more than I do."
"I didn't want to appear greedy."
"I was afraid I might be doing something wrong and then people would judge me or laugh at me."
"I was waiting for further instructions."

He then points out that whatever things they said to stop themselves are the same things that they say to stop themselves in the rest of their lives.

If you hold yourself back for fear of looking foolish here, you probably hold yourself back for fear of looking foolish elsewhere. You have to identify those patterns and break through them. It's time to stop holding yourself back and just go for the gold."
- AbeTalk Forum