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Nas - Every Ghetto


My skin is a art gallery, right
With paintings of crucifixes
Hopin' to save me from all the dangers in the music business
Was once a young gangsta hangin' with youth offenders
But since I tasted paper it started losin the friendships
Watchin' kids freeze in winters, they still poor
How could I tease them with Benz's and feel no remorse
Drivin' past them in the lively fashion, diamond colors clashin'
Red stones, blue stones, red bones and black ones
Fuck did I expect with bucket seats in a Lex
And spendin' time in Chuckie Cheese with Little Des
Got guns when I'm with my daughter
Hate to bring a violent aura in her presence
She knows what daddy taught her, his lessons
Black princess it's a ugly world
I put my life up for yours, see I love that girl
Could you believe even my shadow's jealous
My skin is mad at my flesh, my flesh hates my own bones
My brain hates my heart, my heart makes the songs
Though my songs come from the Father
I'm lonely...
Hold me, it's gettin' darker

Howard Schatz

This is a series of photos studying Human Motion that Howard Schatz has titled, "Kinetic Energy."





Dan Rule

What's leaking out of your idiotbox?


Video: Pharoahe Monch x Nas Collabo In The Works?

Damon Ginandes



James Brown, Bobby Byrd, The JB'S- Get Involved

This is still amazing to this day, just the amount of pure energy, soul and talent shown...and check out Bobby Byrd killing it as the hype man lol...


Cris Wick

These are crazy.





Air Jordan V Dark Army






"Everyone doesn't have to be the same. Most say,"Well, it's so much easier if we're all the same." And we say, it is not easier when you're all the same; conformity is the thing that thwarts you most. That massive wanting to get you to conform - to all think the same way and want the same things - is what is causing the revolt that is happening within you. You are determined to be freedom-seekers in a Mass Consciousness society that is determined to make you the same."
--- Abraham Hicks

Eminem Freestyle on Tim Westwood

Funny, Dope and Raw all at the same time...

Monsieur Qui




Kangol Japanese Jersey Collection

I can see some of these being rocked right...


Jack Conte Demoing the Voice Box

Spotted this over at Blue Erro Soul's spot... "This is producer Jack Conte demonstrating the Voice Box by Electro-Harmonix. They have some really cool stuff so check it out." Dope...



Hilarious and True.


A Tribe Called Quest - We've Got The Jazz & Buggin' Out

One of my favorite videos from my favorite hip-hop group...

Jermaine Dupri Gives Janet Jackson A Birthday Gift

This is what you call GONE.


John Mayer - Neon (Acoustic)

One of my favorite John Mayer songs...

MBW in West Village

Love is the answer...



Happy Birthday Malcolm X !

One of the men I truly respect and honor for his legacy and values.



Maria Vladimirova

I'm usually a fan of "cleaner" looking artwork, but I like the vibe that Maria Vladimirova's works create through the vague, messy yet organized style.



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Video: Rakim Interviewed by QN5

Talks inspirations, influences such as fellow rappers, jazz musicians, and overall background information that you don't find in every hiphop documentary...

QN5 Recording Artist Substantial Interviews Rakim for UAUTV from Up And Up Television -Truth Hall on Vimeo.

A Couple Dope Bags

NEXUSVII(R) x Porter Messenger Bag

I've never been a big fan of the messenger bag, but I like the elegant look of this one, and has a very sleek design.


Tannis Hegan for THE collection by (y)

I AM a big fan of the duffle bag, and I like this one because of its simplicity. It provides a classic and all purpose look.


Bobbito Garcia Talks Def Jam

Talks the early days of Def Jam and how its changed, including mentions of Russell Simmons dealings with Organized Konfusion (Pharoah Monche) and a young Nas...interesting listen...

Bobbito on Dead Jam from Gasface on Vimeo.

Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert is a paper artist, that has created these designs strictly through paper folds. That means no writing utensils, no protractors, or rulers,etc.
Amazing detail.





J Dilla’s "Jay Stay Paid"


J Dilla’s Jay Stay Paid drops June 2nd. Executive Produced by Ma Dukes.

“Possibly the best posthumous rap record since the final releases of 2Pac and Biggie.” -
Rolling Stone Magazine

New York, NY—– By now most everyone is familiar with the story of musical legend J Dilla. The quiet, prolific producer collaborated with everyone from Eryka Badu to Common to Janet Jackson to Prince. Dilla was just beginning to capitalize on his cult status when he sadly passed at age 32 due to Lupus-related complications. Jay Stay Paid is a 28 track collection of unreleased Dilla beats mixed and arranged by Pete Rock. While mostly instrumental, “J$P” also offers a few guests vocals from artists that Dilla worked with or admired including Black Thought of The Roots, MF DOOM, Havoc of Mobb Deep, M.O.P. , Raekwon and more.

Curtailing any notion of jumping on some sort of Dilla bangwagon, Jay Stay Paid was executive produced by Dilla’s mother Maureen Yancey (aka Ma Dukes) along with the musical supervision of Dilla’s only real musical idol, Pete Rock. “It wasn’t rushed and it wasn’t haphazard,” explains Ms Yancey. “This album combines what he did in the beginning of his career, what he did in some of our early hospital stays, which was very deep, and some stuff pulled from old floppy disks & DATs. Its mind blowing…this is like the missing links to Dilla’s legacy.”

The format of the album plays like a radio show with Pete Rock as the program director. With regards to Pete’s involvement, Ms. Yancey gets very excited, “Dilla wanted to pattern himself behind Pete. His dream was to become as close as possible to what Pete stood for. Pete meant everything to him. Dilla would have just been flabbergasted! ” Pete’s sentiments were the same toward Dilla, “Dude was amazing. He just kinda came outta nowhere and the more you heard his beats the better they got. He may not be here with us, but it’s all good we’re going to keep his music alive and well.”

In the late 80s, Dilla founded the seminal rap group Slum Village and put Detroit hip-hop on the map, while the 90’s saw him playing a major role in the production team The Ummah with Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad doing extensive work on Tribe Called Quest’s last two albums.

An Office in the woods

The architecture office for Selgas Cano.

This is crazy...dope though...


A Story Of Love And Street Art From Juan in Portugal


"These hearts were painted by my girlfriend and I in Coimbra, Portugal a couple of years back.She is from Coimbra and I am from Chicago and we've been able to maintain a long distance relationship for the past 2.5 years. Since then, we continue to paint some of these hearts every time we are together in Coimbra. What is interesting about Portugal's Cal├žada (sidewalk), is that you can take a combination of a minimum of three stones and find the shape of an abstract heart form. The heart can grow by adding more stones to the original three."



Zaha Hadid X Lacoste Footwear

This is a pretty abstract design that I don't think you will see unless its on a runway, but I think the right woman can pull it off. This is definitely a design that can either make you look very avant guarde, or very horrible.


Black Jesus - What That Thang Smell Like

Back around 2001, when BET Uncut was still around, this video was being shown and this was probably the best horrible song/video yet hilarious video that was on tv...enjoy the terribleness...

Artist Unknown



Adidas Def Jam 25th Anniversary & Fall/Winter 09 Releases

Def Jam 25th Anniversary Release

Fall/Winter 09 Release

Slyce Awol Crew




"Urban Potteries"

This is a project created by a group of different artist,includng bo130, Microbo, and Jeremy Fish, teaming up with Superego Editions to produce a series of dope ceramic sculptures to coincide with the 48° Fuori Salone di Milano.
The ceramics were crafted by the old ceramic masters of Nove.





Video: K'Naan - T.I.A.

K'NAAN "T.I.A" music video directed by: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Cause Deck Sneaker

These are fresh. Subtle adjustments to a classic design.



Hera in "Queenz Arrive"


"Queenz Arrive," is an exhibit curated by Indie 184,which presents a collection of different female graffiti and street artists. This piece is from the German artist,Hera. Dope.

Spotted @ Lois In Wonderland Flickr

New Music: Slum Village ft. Marsha Ambrosius - Cloud 9


First off, I didn't know Baatin was back, so that alone makes this song dope, but besides that, I love the vibe of this. Marsha sounds great as usual, and it has a really feel good mood. Baatin and T-3 bring the flavor and playful flows, while Elzhi drops a dope verse as well...Nice.

Download Here

Intention Has Power: 5 Steps to Powerful Intention


Five Steps to Set An Intention:

1. Get clear about something you want and write it down.

Write it down in a way that it is a movement towards something you want instead of a movement away from something you don't want. For example, the goal of "I don't want to have any more debt." (away) can be reframed to "I intend to save $5,000 to pay off my credit cards." (toward) or "I want to stop procrastinating." (away) can be reframed to "I intend to complete my screenplay in 30 days."

Get specific. If you intend to remodel your work space, work out the details. How would you remodel it? If you're ripping up the carpet and putting in new flooring, what kind of flooring? Wood, tile, cement? Adding more light; more windows? How large? What kind? What brand? Will you hire a contractor or do it yourself? Putting in better storage capabilities? What kind of storage? Cabinets? Closet? Get detailed on exactly what you want. Get clear on what the end result, the remodeled work space will look like.

2. Envision how you will feel once you've accomplished that intention.

If you're intention is to "Get a Gallery to show my art" spend some time thinking about how you will feel as an artist who's work is being shown in a Gallery. Imagine the opening event of your show. What Gallery? What paintings will you show? How will they be displayed? Who will be there? What will you wear? How long will the show run? Who will buy your paintings; what will they say to you or the Gallery owner? Will the owner want to show more of your work? What will happen as a result of your gallery show? How will you feel when that happens? What will you do? What will you have?

3. Share your intention with someone in a way that will supportively hold you accountable to taking action.

Telling others about your intention inserts external accountability into the power of the intention. It is one thing to not complete a stated goal when no one is looking. It's done every year with New Year's resolutions. It's quite another motivating force to have others bear witness to the failure to complete. It is easier to hold yourself accountable if you are also held accountable by others.

4. Do something today to demonstrate your commitment to your intention; a baby step.

Identify one thing, even one little thing, that you could do today to move you towards accomplishing your goal. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, throw out the bag of chunky chocolate chip cookies in your cupboard. If you want to take a 2 week vacation and go to Paris, figure out the 2 weeks you will take. Check flight availability and fares. The hardest step in accomplishing any goal is the first step. Make that first step a tiny one, one that is easily accomplished. What is important is that you begin!

5. Acknowledge that you did what you said you would and then, take the next step. And then the next...

Celebrate each step you take to accomplish your goal. Enjoy the process. Have fun. It can be a great ride! Before you know it you turned your dreams into reality.

Wizards are alchemists after all; they can turn an inspired idea into a fully actualized creative expression.

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