Polina Viljun


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Performing , "Capital" and "Beyond" @ Stilettos & Sounds open mic in Brooklyn, NY

Omen - Capital

Omen - Beyond

Bushwick Street Art

A vivrant thang.


Photographer: Unknown

Just an image I found that I feel can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. What story do you feel this is telling?


APC Fall/Winter 09

For those that have followed me for some time, you know I like simple design that has a certain cleanness to it.





Frank151 | De La Soul


I haven't been able to find Frank151 Magazine in a while, so it was refreshing to see it. But, more than that, it was really great to come across this De La Soul issue. Frank does a great job of incorporating different, and really dope De La material all throughout the mag, which creates much more of a book experience than a magazine experience. It makes everything, much more cohesive. They provide several interviews, stories and random trivia from the group. And, the fact that Frank is a free magazine, once again really shows that these other mags don't have an excuse for the years of poor journalism they've been selling.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster|Shadow Art Created From Junk |

This is amazing and I have no clue how it can be possible lol.


For more information on these pieces, and the inspirations behind them, check out
Incredible Shadow Art Creation

Meet Fashawn


For those who have been sleeping like I was until recently, meet Fashawn. Fashawn is a Cali-based emcee, who reminds me of a Nas/Ahmad hybrid. He has the storytelling ability, but presents it in a west coast narrative and makes you feel his own unique experiences. I had the pleasure of meeting Fashawn, the other day in a studio session. Fashawn, J. Cole and I recorded a joint that came out pretty dope, and will be released later. Fashawn, hit the studio straight from performing at Rock The Bells. He is currently doing some shows with Evidence and if I'm not mistaken, The Roots. His album, Boy Meets World, which is entirely produced by Exile comes out in September. Check him out below, performing his song Freedom.




J. Cole Interview w/ DiceMusicTV Pt. 2

Discusses the constant and often talked about Drake comparisons and gives a dope analogy on how to showcase your influences as an artist...

Michael Jordan/Gatorade Artwork

Scottie Pippen and Gatorade joined together to produce this piece as a tribute to Michael Jordan. Nineteen-thousand gatorade bottles were assembled to create this piece. The event took place on a basketball court on Southside, Chicago.





India Arie Runs Into Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu posted this on her twitter a little while back, and its hilarious and ignorant all at the same time. Props to Ms. Badu for being able to laugh at herself as well.





Mos Def - Filter Magazine Article


Last night, I decided to do one of my favorite activities - going to a magazine shop and basically, discovering new material or simply looking through my favorites. (these seem to change too often for my taste due to an increasing drop in good journalism) I came across Filter, and read their current article on Mos Def. I was pleasantly surprised to read a piece by Cord Jefferson, that was natural, stimulating and entertaining. If you don't wanna go visit your local newsstand just for this article, check it out at the link below.

Filter Magazine - Mos Def Article

Raphael Vincenzi

Mind over matter.


Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Phat Premier | Fall 2009

Terry Cloth Swoosh is undeniable.


Poetry Circle: Gnarls Barkley - Surprise


Listen Here

It's cool being the only one - but it's lonely
I could have fallen in love a thousand times before if only someone, had known me
They say there's someone for everyone
Oh plus the work will be never done
When all you need is to be met halfway but nobody tries...
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

There are hills and mountains between us - always somethin to get over
Needless to say it's a wonderful day, I just noticed how nice it was to know ya
Oh but be ready to sacrifice; if you love him you should tell him twice
Because when everything that's alive, ultimately dies
Oh lord
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

Somebody's watchin; maybe you want 'em to see you
But with your regrets and se-crets you don't really want them to be you
Well you can make believe I'm blind
And for now I'll be just fine
But when the child grows up to have more than just your eyes
Don't be surprised
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!

Now the ending to ev-e-ry story is most enchanting
Now, whether it's heaven or hell
I wear it well; please forgive me for rambling
I just wanted y'all - to know that I don't know it all
So when that big ol' smile ends up, bein just a disguise
Don't be surprised!
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised! Ohhh Lord
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised! Ohhh, oh Lord
Don't be surpriiiiiiiiiised!
I said don't be, don't be, surpri-sed
There's nothing left in here

Photographer: Drifter Way


Clip from Agnes Varda's 1981 Documentary "Mur murs"

A note on IMDB explains:

"The French director Agnes Varda spent a couple of different years in Los Angeles, and this particular year produced her documentary "Murs, murs" and her fiction film "Documenteur". The title means "Walls, walls", but also puns with the word "murmurs." Varda located dozens of murals around LA and filmed them. Many of these are gone today, so this is a true documentary, documenting a wonderful aspect of southern Californian visual culture. She interviews the artists, a truly multicultural and multicolored group--and shows the paintings in their urban contexts. One memorable scene shows a mural at Venice Beach with young people dancing in front of it (probably near where their sons and daughters are roller skating or skateboarding now). An enjoyable movie by a European with deep aesthetic appreciation for marvelous, imaginative, colorful imagery that was considered throwaway pop culture at the time. "

C.J. - The Back Up Plan (Mixtape)


The Back Up Plan, is a mixtape from a friend of mine in Chicago, named C. J.
This is his first release, and he is looking for feedback, support and most importantly your listen. The mixtape is based on the concept, that he has a level of faith that doesn't require a back up plan, and music is going to be his chosen route.

C.J.- The Back Up Plan


Bughouse Art & Design

DJ Furniture.

Vinyl can be interchanged.

This will be in my home one day.



Simon Pais-Thomas





Writer's Circuit : Omen


Slouching,dancing, talking, laughing, whispering, leaning
But, I still see a paralyzed room
Slowly surveying emptiness
Those closest to me have disappeared
or were simply mirages as usual

Longing for more than resemblance

Family has tried to come here, and its amazing how
We're related yet never relating
Seems you all have made attempts
As has she, and she...and She.

My comfort in this solitude is my bliss and my hell.

This bliss pushes you away.
This hell creates salty Evian on my cheeks.
This contradiction exhaust clarity.
This blurred state rears confusion.
And all this talk, still leaves isolation.
Tired of this disturbing constant
Between muted screams, I long for the day life is variant.


Ethos in Sao Paulo



Ma Dukes Speaks on "Jay Stay Paid"

Dilla's mom speaks about his posthumous release, "Jay Stay Paid," put together by her and Dilla's idol Pete Rock.


Garbstore Fall/Winter 09



Eric Zener

These are paintings. No, seriously.





Spike Lee Talks About Michael Jackson with Katie Couric

Easily one of the best interviews I've seen. Definitely check this out.

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