So, most people that come here probably know Cole's Friday Night Lights mixtape dropped this past friday. The response was incredible. It was the number one trending topic on twitter...worldwide. At one point, the mixtape was the no. 2 most searched thing on google, period.Every site/download link was crashing and at one point, there were 4000 people per second coming to his website. Amazing.
It really showed us that hard work pays off.

With that said, the response for the song I'm featured on has been incredible. It seems to be one of the favorites, if not the favorite of many fans. I've been seeing tons of people quoting my verse and thats just an amazing thing to me. I'm posting the song here and my mama asked me for the lyrics, so I figured I'd post them here as well. Tour is still going great. Can't wait to start performing this. Peace and love.

Listen here.


Now see God, I know you only do whats best for me
but is it cool if we negotiate my destiny?
they always telling me its temporary
then why its feeling like a cemetary
my dreams aint got no obituaries
my city hurting and none of us well equipped here
you heard me say I was ballin, I prolly meant tears
I'm tryna get clear, Im tryna quit fear
who wrote the scripts here?
These kids live they whole lives just killing time
running a race with no finish line
they tryna noose us with that rope, but im finna climb
I think my foolish pride, might become my suicide
but I aint tryna go, no baby
cuz through these lines and quotes
u gotta find some hope
cuz I aint dying
my words gon last forever
you can hold the treasure
look inside, see a diamond in my mind
Im tired of seeing dopefiends
wiping they nose clean
is my neighborhood just a smokescreen
I think im in the dungeon fam
I see low green

sons raised by bold queens, but its no kings...

SIHH 2011 Panerai Luminor Composite PAM 386

A dope, dope watch with a longgggg title.



Judith Supine | Artist

The colors are ill, they really makes the pieces dynamic.
Yes, I said dynamic lol.



Elite - Judas (Produced by Omen)

This is my fellow Dreamvillain's first song off of his upcoming mixtape. I produced this and its a great concept song. Elite really captures the mindstate of a lot of creative people and the battles we seem to make for ourselves. Check it out and let Elite know what you think here or @ Elite's Twitter

Also video coming soon from Impakt Studio.


Flight of The Conchords - Stay Cool

Scene from one of my favorite shows. Hilarious.

J. Cole - Friday Night Lights

Mixtape 3. Incredible.


Download Here

L.E.T.S. | Artwork


This would be perfect if it said CHI instead of NY. But still dope.


On the road...


So yeah I know its been like a century since the last time I updated. My apologies. I blame it on being busy and being lazy. Ive been on the road with J. Cole for those who don't know. We've been going to so many places. I've never been to hardly any of them. Most of the shows have been east coast based, but we have some west coast dates coming up soon. My stage presence is really getting better and its just really been a lot of fun being on the road with the Dreamville team. So far, I think my best show has been in Tallahassee or maybe Columbus, Ohio.

During downtime, I murder everybody on the bus in NBA 2K11 or I make beats and write. I can't wait to record some of the new material. Also, I'm excited for Cole and the new mixtape Friday Night Lights coming out. It sounds incredible and the song we have on there is amazing. I promise I'm not being bias lol. But, anyway I appreciate everybody that comes through here and all the love people have been showing me on the road is really motivating. I'm just appreciative for everything I'm experiencing right now. Peace and love yall.


Michael Aaron Williams | Paris


Kanye West ft. Mos Def & Freeway - Two Words

This was always one of my favorite videos. I love the way it was shot.

In the leisure

Most of the people that follow this blog, know I like to read when I get a chance. I was blessed enough to get an ipad before the tour started and its been great for everything, but especially as a way to read in my downtime. Right now, I'm reading Drive by Daniel H. Pink and its pretty good so far. The other day I read a quote that I thought was dope.

"Greatness and nearsightedness are incompatible."


Photographer | Unknown



Classic Scene: Dumb and Dumber

I've probably seen this movie like 500 times. I still laugh like its my first time seeing it.

SIT | Noir Series


Artist | Phlegm