As I boarded the plane from Denmark, headed to New York with a brief layover in Iceland, I was exhausted. But, more than exhausted I was overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of gratitude, appreciation and motivation. Traveling to countries and cities that I never imagined I would be visiting, let alone performing in was an honor. The people showed sooooo much love. For it to be so early in my career, it was always unexpected and a shock that the people would even know who I was. But, in so many places the crowds showed me love as if I was in Chicago.

I'm forever appreciative of those fans. It was a great time, a learning experience and I'm sure the thoughts, feelings and experiences I had during the tour will show up in verses and songs in some way. I wanna say thank you to Cole for bringing me out, and the whole Dreamville team for all their support. Shoutout to Drake and his whole team as well. We all got along great and in a natural way. Now its time to get back to the real work and create some incredible music. Until next time.

- O

Prophet | c215

colors are amazing.

Book Art | Isaac Salazar

No clue how these are made, other than some intense folding, but they're incredible.

Enchanted in Brussels, Belgium.

Sound isn't the greatest, but this was a good show. So many good ones during the tour, maybe I can work on getting yall some official footage.

Photographer | Voltage Accident

This photo is crazy. Illuminati tree lol.


While we were in Paris, I decided to release this. It's a joint that I'm considering putting on the upcoming mixtape, Afraid of Heights. For any newcomers, Afraid of Heights is a full length project that "Delayed" was a sampler for. I produced and played everything in the beat. More material coming soon as well. Hope you enjoy it. Peace for now.

Download - Omen | Forever

wisdom |

People will love you, people will hate you, and none of it will have anything to do with you. - Abraham Hicks

My "3 Little Digs"

While out in Atlanta at my favorite studio, Tree Sound, 3LittleDigs caught up with me in the kitchen grabbing some of Mali's incredible food.

Omen shares his Digs from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Native 2011 Fall/Winter "Jimmy" Boot

I don't think I have the guts to rock these, but they are dope. On second thought, my birthday is coming up to whoever reading this lol.

Artist | Speto